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Do you enjoy playing online bike racing games? Take a look at the Moto X3M 3! This game, which was first introduced as a web flash game in 2016, has amassed a tremendous popularity among gamers all over the world. In this article, we will go over all you need to know about the Moto X3M 3, including how to play, how many levels there are, and some time-saving strategies.

Moto X3M 3 Gameplay

Moto X3M 3 gameplay is simple and basic. All you need are the controls shown below:

To accelerate, press the W or Up Arrow key.
To break, press the S or Down Arrow key.
Position your motorcycle using the A and D or Left and Right Arrow keys. These keys are essential for completing front and back flips.
The game’s purpose is to drive your motorcycle across levels filled with large, moving objects that you must leap over or dodge. You can perform an air flip to reduce your final time and obtain a perfect score. Remember, you must know when to stop or you will crash and respawn. Try to finish the levels as quickly as possible.

The Moto X3M 3 has how many levels?

There are 22 different levels to play in Moto X3M 3. Each level is distinct and has fresh obstacles to overcome, ensuring that you never get bored!

The Most Recent Moto X3M 3 Game

Moto X3M 3 Spooky Land, the most recent game in the series, was launched in October 2019. This new installment in the series provides even more exciting gameplay, with eerie and creepy challenges that will keep you on your toes.

Who Created the Moto X3M 3?

Madpuffers created the Moto X3M 3 series in 2016. Aside from the Moto X3M 3 series, they are also known for other games such as Football Masters and Basketball Stars. Their ability to create interesting games with easy controls has made them a popular choice among gamers all around the world.

Tips for Speeding Up in Moto X3M 3

Follow these methods to improve your time and perhaps earn three stars on every level if you want to become a Moto X3M 3 pro:

Control Your Speed: You can control your speed. It is sometimes preferable to slow down in order to complete a level faster.

Stunts and tricks: Practice your stunts and tricks. Perform front and back flips to reduce your time by half a second. Every flip is worth 0.5 second, and they all pile up. Some tactics, however, may slow you down, so keep in mind that the added time is not always worthwhile.

Back Tire Boost: If you solely land on your back tire when you touch the ground, you will gain a boost. The more vertical you are, the better; yet, being excessively vertical may cost you time. So, attempt to locate the optimal angle.

Mini Boost Start: Sometimes a small boost after standing still will save you time. Hold the gas and brake pedals simultaneously (W+S) or (Up Arrow + Down Arrow). The best times to use these boosters are when you have to wait a second before continuing the level.

Do Not Set the Timer Yet: When you press the W,A,D or UP,DOWN,RIGHT keys, the timer begins. Because you are sometimes dropped at the beginning, try timing your key presses such that the timer begins later.

Play the map at least a couple of times to get a feel for it. Remember where to jump, slow down, or go full speed. Also, put all of the above suggestions and tricks into practice. Some may necessitate more expertise and time than others. Have fun developing your skill

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