Moto X3M – The Ultimate Dirt Bike Adventure Game

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Get ready for adrenaline-pumping stunts, flips, and obstacles with Moto X3M. Play the best dirt bike game and beat the clock to become a pro rider.

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Moto X3M is a time-based motorcycle racing game full of challenging obstacles. With 22 levels, each with a new challenge, the game offers opportunities to perform daring stunts on your motorcycle. Put on your helmet, rev your engine, and race against the clock to reach the finish line!

Gameplay of Moto X3M

When you start a Moto X3M race, you’ll encounter challenging elements and mistakes when overcoming various obstacles that appear on each new track. Mistakes will consume time and affect your score when completing levels.

Hints and Tips

Drive fast but approach new obstacles with caution. Each mistake will consume time and reduce the star rating you receive at the end of each level. You can perform daring stunts to increase your final score, so go for those epic jumps!

Race Tracks

There are 22 race tracks in Moto X3M. The tracks start off basic and quickly become filled with countless traps and obstacles that slow you down. All levels allow replay, and you’ll be rewarded based on the time required to complete the race.


You can use the stars earned from completing Moto X3M levels to buy two new motorcycles. Replay and complete the race in the shortest time possible to get yourself a new motorcycle!

Similar Games

You can find many games in the Moto X3M series below. If you want to search for similar games, try playing Moto Maniac 2 and Moto Maniac 3 for more challenging races! Check out motorcycle games and stunt games to find a game that suits you.


22 levels with high entertainment value Many obstacles and challenges Earn more stars by spending less time Earn stars to buy new motorcycles

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