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Soccer Heads Unblocked  is a fun two-player football game consisting of famous UK football teams. You can play alone with the computer or play for two with a friend. The game has many additional features and increases power!

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How to play Soccer Heads Unblocked

Fight crazy for goals before time runs out.
Soccer Heads Unblocked is a foolish football game, a browser game equivalent to a shake table. Stone fertilizer and hit the head enthusiastically in a fight to put the ball into your opponent’s net. The winner is the one who scores the most goals after 60 seconds.

Use strength increasing factors to kick the ball.

There are many different strength increasers scattered around the area, creating exciting effects for the ball as it moves through. Each stadium has unique design features that interact with the ball to add enthusiasm to the game.

Playing alone or with a friend.

You can enjoy Soccer Heads Unblocked alone or invite a friend to participate in fun football matches between two players.

The same game.

There are many football games and sports games with outstanding characters such as Soccer Master: Euro 2020, Soccer Games, and Basketball Stars. Try them together to entertain more conventional sports socks.


Play as Head of Football from different UK teams
Multiple stadiums with unique play mechanisms
Increase extra strength for your extreme burning stone
Facing an AI or challenging a friend
Day of release.
July 2017

The foundation
Web browsers (desktop and mobile devices)

The latest update.
31 thg 10, 2022

Control button for the player alone

The arrow keys to move.
M to stone.
Control button for two players.
To move, player 1 uses the WASD keys and player 2 uses the arrow keys
To kick, player 1 uses the G key and player 2 uses the M key.

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