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A great way that you can use to quickly understand video content that is too long.

ChatGPT is an inspiration supported by many developers such as searching with Google, writing emails in Gmail, summarizing article content, etc. And in this article, we can take advantage of ChatGPT to summarize content. content any video on YouTube. A useful way to quickly capture very long video content, not only that you can watch other language translations as well.

The YouTube Summary with ChatGPT extension will help you.

Using the utility without a ChatGPT account, you just need to open a YouTube video and you will see an additional Transcript & Summary section located in the upper right corner.

You click to see the summary of the video. It is divided into timelines, when clicked, the video will browse to that segment.

You can view other translations (if available), copy, open in ChatGPT, or browse to the synopsis playing on the video by clicking the viewfinder icon.

In testing, I found that the utility works well with English-speaking videos.

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